Research Group
Machine Learning
and Security
View from our building over Berlin.

Research Team


Prof. Dr. Konrad Rieck
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Team Assistant

Sarah Hashmi
BIFOLD  •  TU Berlin


Dr. Daniel Arp
TU Berlin

PhD Students

Stefan Czybik
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Mohammad Ebrahimi
TU Berlin

Micha Horlboge
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Jonas Möller
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Lukas Pirch
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Felix Weißberg
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Lukas Seidel
Qwiet AI  •  Homepage

Student Staff

Elena Bank
BIFOLD  •  TU Berlin

Ekin Boke
BIFOLD  •  TU Berlin

Hristo Boyadzhiev
BIFOLD  •  TU Berlin

Past Members

Prof. Dr. Hugo Gascon
GEC  •  Comillas Pontifical Uni.

Prof. Dr. Christian Wressnegger
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Fabian Yamaguchi
ShiftLeft  •  Stellenbosch University

Dr. Tom Ganz

Dr. Ansgar Kellner

Dr. Marius Musch
1&1 Telecommunication

Dr. Erwin Quiring
Ruhr-University Bochum

Dr. Alexander Warnecke

Dr. Guido Schwenk

Robert Michael
TU Braunschweig

Michael Reimsbach

Alwin Maier
MPI Solar System Research

Past Guests

Alejandro Calleja
University Carlos III of Madrid

Dr. Marco Melis
University of Cagliari

Dr. Michele Scalas
University of Cagliari

Job Applications

We are generally looking for motivated and skilled PhD students and postdocs to join our group—even if we currently do not announce open positions. If you are passionate about research and interested in combining machine learning and computer security, contact us directly at

Before writing an unsolicited email, take some time to write a good cover letter. In this letter, you should describe why you are a good fit for our group and what research you enjoy doing. Include the result of (0x62df**215)%0xf0e5 in the subject line of your email.