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Winter 2023/2024

We offer different Bachelor and Master courses that revolve around machine learning and computer security. Following is a list of all courses offered in the winter term 2023/2024.

SMARTLAB — Smart Security Lab

This lab is a hands-on course that explores machine learning in computer security. Students design and develop intelligent systems for security problems such as attack detection, malware clustering, and vulnerability discovery. The developed systems are trained and evaluated on real-world data, providing insight into their strengths and weaknesses in practice. The lab is a continuation of the lecture "Machine Learning for Computer Security" and thus knowledge from that course is expected.

   Course Website    Module 41116 Type: Lab course Audience: Master

STEMO — Steganography with Language Models

This project explores how large language modules, such as ChatGPT, can be used for steganography. Students will form a red team (attackers) and a blue team (defenders). The red team will develop techniques to hide secret messages in generated texts, while the blue team will develop methods to detect these messages. The color of the teams will change after some time. The project is aimed at Master students. A good understanding of language models and strong programming skills are required.

   Course Website    Module 41102 Type: Project Audience: Master

ATEX — Attacks on Explainable Machine Learning

This block seminar explores attacks on explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). We will examine different explanation methods and learn about attacks that can manipulate explanations at inference and training time. We also take a look at privacy leaks of XAI and corresponding inference attacks. The seminar is intended for Master students. A basic understanding of machine learning is strongly recommended.

   Course Website    Module 41104 Type: Seminar Audience: Master

LEAK — Unusual Side Channels and Privacy Leaks

In this block seminar, we will look at unusual ways in which an attacker can obtain secret information. We examine various physical side channels through which information can escape from a computer, such as acoustic, optical, and electromagnetic leaks. We also examine the security and privacy implications of the attacks and discuss appropriate defenses. The seminar is aimed at Bachelor students. No prior knowledge of side channels is required, but a strong interest is assumed.

   Course Website    Module 41103 Type: Seminar Audience: Bachelor

Thesis Topics

Are you looking for an exciting topic for your Bachelor or Master thesis? Simply contact Prof. Rieck. Note that we do not have a list of "off the shelf" topics. Instead, we try to find interesting thesis topics together with the students that align with our current research.